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If you want to reach new heights and drive organic traffic to your website, then the SEO specialists at Helix Creations are here to help.

We’re committed to providing our clients with the best SEO services, because we believe in giving back to our community.⁣⁣

If you need more information about how our experts can help you reach your business goals, please contact us today! We’d love to chat with you about how we can grow your online presence.

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Digital Starter


/ Month

following features included

15 Keywords

Monthly reporting

On-page seo

off-page seo

backlink creation

ai analysis

google my business

google analytics

google search console

dedicated account manager

Digital Competitor


/ Month

following features included

25 Keywords

Monthly reporting

On-page seo

off-page seo

backlink creation

landing page templates

ai analysis

google my business

google analytics

google search console

dedicated account manager

Digital dominator


/ Month

following features included

35 Keywords

Monthly reporting

On-page seo

off-page seo

backlink creation

landing page templates

monthly blogging

ai analysis

google my business

google analytics

google search console

dedicated account manager

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Looking for a custom SEO package for your business. We would like to offer you our enterprise plans. 

We offer difference price plans for larger businesses and companies.

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why you should focus on seo

SEO is one of the main traffic sources online today, and if you’re not ranking for it now, you’re missing out on a potential of 2-3 times more growth than your business has ever had before!

With the experience my team and I provide, you and your business could see scale in the form of new enquiries, leads and traffic that could be upwards of 3 or 4 times more than you have at the current stage of your business today.

Just think of the increased revenue you could have for your  business today with just SEO alone.

SEO, as you know, is a very tricky but essential task in the modern world and modern business acumen, but while anyone can give it ago, it takes attention to detail, persistence, patience and knowledge of Google and it’s rules to actually get anywhere with it.

We’ve seen many companies over the years fall into the overseas SEO traps, where a company based overseas – and with no knowledge of the Australian business climate – tries to bend Google’s rules and sends you skyrocketing to #1 only to fall out of sight on the internet in a matter of weeks.

We’ve seen companies just get turned into and processed as numbers by big corporations who just want your money and not delivering results.

We’ve seen businesses listen to public speakers who think that it’s easier and cheaper to do it yourself and then naively damaging the hard work that SEO creatives – like me – have put into websites, just so they can save a buck here or there (trust us, this has a very low success rate).

As a business owner, We am firmly against all of that! We make it our business to help grow your business!

Whoa – you say… that’s a lot to take on in one bite.

Well – you’re right.

SEO isn’t a simple task. You have onsite SEO, offsite SEO, content creation, website editing, analytical reporting, keyword research, Google rules to adhere to and penalties to avoid (more on those two later).

That’s why we’re here, using our 14+ years combined of marketing, digital marketing and SEO Knowledge to give you one less thing to worry about.

For Helix Creations, our interest is helping you build your business and working around your needs. Imagine what could happen…

We want to see that your business has growth potential and is healthy. If you are established or in an early growth phase with proven traction, then we want to hear from you.

To secure a spot on our limited roster, drop a line on our contact page and we”ll be in touch.

Seo Experts

With our 14+ year’s combined team our Australian team has the skills and knowledge to take your business to the next level.

Roi Committed

Not every business is the same. So we are committed to be transparent with you and will see if we can make a good ROI on your investment.

Seo Best Practices

We make sure that we will provide you with the best practices and are aware of the line between bad and good SEO. Along with the importance of following the rules for SEO.


Marketing your business is all about strategy, including SEO. We will sit down with you and write down the best strategy for your business.

Personal Service

We are a family run business and we know what its like to run a small to medium sized business. You will be personally speaking with us on your business projects.

Since 2008

We’ve been practicing SEO for more than over a decade, SEO changes all the time and we are update to date on every bit of detail. We have the experience and expertise to keep you online.

Your questions about seo

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is basically a practice to increase the quality and the number of visitors to any website.

SEO is basically used to optimize your page that comes with graphics, designs, writing contents and the links as well. For example, if you want to search a specific keyword, what SEO basically does is, it shows the top results for the word you are searching by optimizing the results.

If you want a balanced and sustainable business of yours, you can do SEO for a great audience and visitors. And that happens when you get placed at the top of the SERP of any search engine like Google.

By using search engines one can easily allow people to access the best content available.

SEO agency knows the SEO in the right way, such that it would provide you with tangible results.

An SEO agency knows what are the strategies and tactics which are required in order to help a company reach a specific goal, which is generally, increase in the website’s traffic by getting a place at the top of SERP.

Consumers in search of an item hit the search engines and click among the first 3 to 5 listing of the obtained results.

Now, how do the search engines rank the company’s website among its result?

It is completely based on search engine algorithms.

This is what SEO facilitates, as it stands for Search Engines Optimization. SEO companies work on all the aspects of the SEO and help other companies increase their standing or ranking among the results of the Search engines.

It has been claimed, that there are about 200 factors which affect the ranking and hence, these companies weigh in all the factors and improves the ranking of the organization.

SEO can be referred to as the process which increases the quality along with the quantity of the traffic to the website, by increasing ranking in search engine results.

Each of the aspects defined in detail would be – attracting all the genuine customers to the website who actually are interested in your website and who have a fair chance of getting converted into a prospective client.

With all the correct people getting attracted to your website the number of viewers will increase as well, lastly, your page’s traffic will increase without having to pay for any kind of ads.

Companies have a lesser understanding of SEO and its importance, but it is often the basic need which would get any company to survive in terms of SEO.

Here are the set of basic steps which are required in order to do effective SEO.

  • Keep a close watch on your customers and what they are in need of as keywords play a vital role in SEO.

  • Keywords are not the only requirement, you need to create your page content in a way which would have an impact on the viewers. Remember content is the key!

  • It is important to design the website as per the search engines and humans. It should be intuitive and fast loading.

  • Promote and generate your page’s link.

  • Don’t forget to track SEO success.

SEO management can be referred to as the optimization of content in order to gain success.

Organic search is the way of gaining 50% of the traffic. If you evaluate this, you will understand that the impact your page has on the SERPs is much more than what it has on other paid sites as you will gain a lot more traffic from the organic search results.

The algorithms have been drastically changing with time and you need to manage your SEO as per the changing trends.

The best time to start employing SEO is when you start with the new site.

There are a number of aspects you need to take into consideration while starting with SEO such as domain name, web hosting provider, keyword research, site’s design, optimize URLs, title tags, images, heading, texts, meta descriptions, hyperlinks, sitemap etc.

It can be referred to as the structure of the website such as mapping out the structure of the new site or simply redesigning an ineffective website.

This in short means designing your website in a way that it gains significant online presence.

Think of it as if it is the highway and each on and off ramp is a link to your website.

Simply if a webpage links to another page, you can call it as a backlink.

You can connect one page to another page externally. In short, they are basically incoming links to a webpage. It is a very important metric in SEO and website rankings.

SEO can be expensive or inexpensive and it depends upon the company’s perspective and their budget.

However, there are many reasons why SEO can be expensive: –

  • Competitive keywords
  • Extensive ranking aspirations
  • Content writing and research programs
  • Especially for new websites with no SEO
  • Establishing a presence online is expensive

SEO is worth every penny you put in it. Traffic is what websites are made for and customers are what a company is in need of. SEO fulfills all the criteria’s and serves a company in success.

There are a lot of factors which can deliver you quick results such as Baseline traffic, website design, domain age, meta descriptions, geographic location, competition, and target market. But, in general, it takes a company around 4 to 6 months to start seeing the results.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of increasing a company’s website ranking in order to gain organic results.

You search for your queries on various search engines and find dozens of listed sites which in turn answer your queries.

Have you ever wondered how those sites or links you find are present in that place or that particular order? It’s all about search engine or SE where the engines have a crawler assigned which would crawl into the sites and go through all the content which is there and determine if it is relevant and as per the required standards.

These standards are based through algorithms which match your queries to the content and display the most favorable results.

In short, SEO is the process of setting up the content of the page to match the algorithms and increase result rankings.

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