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We have been designing sites for over 6 Years and have built sites for a countless number of businesses where they have expanded on their sites also.


We make sure our clients get the service they need and understand everything on what is going on with their sites and business.


With our websites, we help you understand how to add to your own website. How to use the tools we used to build your site.


In a society where attention spans and impressions need to be captured in less than 7 seconds, it’s essential that you have the key ingredients below to make sure that your website packs a punch. you need to convey a lot of information in a very little amount of time and why you’re the solution to their problem.

Elevator Pitch

This is everything that you’re about in 20 seconds or less. this is your core value, the goal for your website/campaign and your entire life in a short few sentences. you need to be clear, concise and engaging.

Call to Action

This is one of the most important parts to a website because how else are you going to push a potential client to call/email/contact you?

Call to actions can be common and obvious like “Buy Now”, A contact page link on the home page or they can be a bit more subtle like a phone number sitting right next to the business logo. don’t have one? contact us Now to get one!

Tracking Conversions

You’re getting a lot of visits, but no one is buying? why? the ability to track your conversions helps you determine the cost to acquire enquiries, the cost of your marketing spend, and where clients are showing interest.

If product A is selling better than product B then what is the difference between them?

High Quality Content

This is what your visitors are going to read, what they are going to use to decide whether they should buy from you. You need to make sure you’re informative, you get the point across quickly and it’s clear and easy to read.

It’s a vital tool to how Google reads and ranks your website and also a ninja method of boosting your google rankings so making sure you nail the content on your website can mean the difference between a sale and a lost lead.

Amazing Design

You want your users to remember what your website looked like. you want them to stay on your website for as long as possible. you want them to engage fully with the website and not get frustrated.

Having an amazing design can do that.

Remember the old adage, “a picture says a thousand words” this is those words, your website is that picture. having a visually pleasing site means they will hang around as well as share it with others. and guess what… that means more potential clients!

Practical user Experience

This is pretty simple. Make sure that everything on your page is easy to find and not buried in pages of pages of pages. put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and think about why they would be on your website and then design the page based on how visitors and developers perceive the page.

The holy grail of page building is making sure that your pages tell your visitors what they need before they even know they need it. unlike the actual holy grail, this is fantastically doable. just look at your website from the user’s perspective and work your way backwards.

Mobile Friendly

We spend more time looking at our phones and tablets than we do computers now, so the likelihood that you’re being accessed from a noncomputer device is highly likely.

If your website isn’t responsive then you’re going to have a hard time retaining and closing that visitor. No one likes scrolling around a page or buttons not working when you click on them.

Sure enough you might need two website layouts (one for computer and one for mobile) but usually, with the right coding we can make them one and the same so that your users get a friendly user experience each time they visit.

Marketing Strategy Development

Using one method of advertising is never enough, you always need to back up with other methods. SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Email marketing all have their place in a marketing campaign and based on the target for the campaign, some of these methods will prove stronger than others.

Experimenting is recommended and often low cost with this as every campaign, industry, and business are different. you never know, if you never try!

No website to big or too small.


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